New calls for proposals: eTEC 2020 and ASDI 2020

7 May 2020 - 2 min

The Netherlands eScience Center is pleased to announce the launch of two new calls for proposals: Innovative eScience Technologies (eTEC 2020) and Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI 2020).

eTEC 2020

The eTEC 2020 call is aimed at domain researchers and ICT researchers working in the Netherlands who would like to apply for funding to address innovative compute-intensive and/or data-driven research problems. Its aim is to support the research and development of innovative eScience technologies and software associated with optimized data handling, data analytics and efficient computing, driven by a demand from any specified research discipline (a scientific or scholarly domain selected by the research team itself).

See the eTEC 2020 page for more information on the call, requirements, application process and deadlines.

ASDI 2020

The ASDI 2020 call is aimed at researchers who would like to carry out research projects focused on innovative domain research questions that are very hard or even impossible to investigate without the use of (advanced) eScience technologies and software. With ASDI 2020, the eScience Center intends to provide an impulse to all research endeavours in which the application of eScience tools and methodologies is relatively underdeveloped. 

See the ASDI 2020 page for more information on the call, requirements, application process and deadlines

Funding and contact

Both eTEC 2020 and ASDI 2020 are funded by the Netherlands eScience Center and supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research’s (NWO) Science Domain. 

For the latest information, visit the eTEC and ASDI call pages. Alternatively, please contact: