PLAN-E meets DG Research&Innovation

11 Mar 2016 - 2 min

On March 10th 2016, adjacent to the ESFRI Roadmap Update meeting in Amsterdam, the Director General of EC’s DG Research&Innovation, Robert-Jan Smits granted an hours time for PLAN-E to present itself. Here you can find the agenda of the meeting.

Firstly, Wilco Hazeleger, director of the Netherlands eScience Center, went into the details of what eScience encompasses, how it works and how it contributes to science and society.

Secondly, Patrick Aerts, chairing PLAN-E, explained the goals of PLAN -E, proliferating eScience across Europe and the prerequisites for that to become successful (education, taking care of data and software, advanced e-infrastructures, cross co-operations etc.). Also the document a Conceptual Approach to Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability was presented (based on the last PLAN-E workshop contribution).

Thirdly, Sverker Holmgren, chairing e-IRG and the Nordic eScience Centre, explained the different domains PLAN-E and e-IRG are primarily concerned with and spoke his support for PLAN-E in its endeavours from both points of view.

Next, Robert-Jan Smits expressed his gratitude for taking the initiative and bring eScience forward as a new concept for doing science. He was particularly interested in the presented routes towards Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability and presented opportunities for establishing links between EC’s research support and the eScience domain. He is looking forward for keeping contact and further exploring options for bilateral support.