eScience Center Fellowship presented at SSI Collaborations Workshop 2023

Lieke de Boer and Carlos Martinez-Ortiz co-organized the workshop ‘Career development through champions programmes’ at the Software Sustainability Institute‘s annual Collaborations Workshop, early May this year. The hybrid event in Manchester, themed ‘Sustainable Career Development for those in the research software community’, focused on technical, career and personal development for Research Software Engineers. Together with Xènia Pérez Sitjà (University of Bradford) and Shoaib Sufi (SSI), De Boer and Martinez-Ortiz highlighted the impact of various “championship” programmes, including the succesful eScience Center Fellowship.

Read more about the workshop at the Software Sustainability Institute.

Who are we?

The eScience Center is a research organization dedicated to applying research software to answer research questions in any scientific domain through project collaborations. It has the largest concentration of dedicated, high-level research software expertise in the Netherlands. Apart from this core activity, the eScience Center also offers calls for proposals, trainings and workshops for researchers and a Fellowship Programme. For more information about what we offer, visit