We Make The City Festival Workshop: “Audit the Algorithm”

The VWData research programme hosted an interactive workshop (break-out session) during the “We Make The City” Festival in Amsterdam, on Thursday 21 June 2018. The workshop dealt with “Algorithm Auditing” and focused on a project that the City of Amsterdam, KPMG and the University of Amsterdam are conducting. The project will study the usage of algorithms by the City of Amsterdam, and will focus on algorithmic transparency, ethical auditing, and legislation. With: Tamas Erkelens (City of Amsterdam) and Sander Klous (KPMG and UvA). Approximately 20 people joined the workshop and there was a lively discussion. Topics mentioned included: ‘when is an algorithm good enough’, ‘who is responsible when things malfunction’, ‘how can you establish norms and criteria that an algorithm must meet’, and ‘what is a good role for the government in this domain’?