Winner Lorentz-eScience competition 2020 announced

9 Jul 2019 - 2 min

The workshop ‘Hot but Habitable – Innovating to Adapt to Heat Waves of the Future’ has been named as the winner of the Lorentz-eScience Competition 2020. The winning proposal was submitted by Prof. H.A.M. Daanen (VU Amsterdam), Dr J. Shumake-Guillemot (World Meteorological Organization), Dr P. van den Hazel MD (Academic Collaborative Center Environment and Health) and Prof.H.M. Jones (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

About the workshop

The goal of the workshop is to identify transdisciplinary digital systems-based solutions to minimize the impact of heat waves on the habitability of our cities, the enjoyment of the outdoors, and the health of our people.

This proposal was very well received by the evaluation panel: “This workshop targets a highly relevant topic – adapting to heatwaves – in a challenging, transdisciplinary and innovative manner. The format chosen is most likely to fuel creative thinking that is critical in meeting transdisciplinary challenges. We are pleased that we can include such a high quality and interesting workshop in our program.’

The workshop will be held in spring 2020 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands.

About the Lorentz-eScience Competition

The Lorentz-eScience workshop competitions, organized by the Netherlands eScience Center and the Lorentz Center, sponsor leading-edge international workshops on the application of software to advance academic research. The workshops bring together researchers from the academic scientific community with those from the public/private sector.

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