ZonMw and NWO commit to sustainable research software

On 24 January, NWO and ZonMW announced that they signed the Amsterdam Declaration on Funding Research Software Sustainability. By signing this declaration, they confirm their commitment to include research software in their open science policies and to strengthen cooperation with other organizations in this area. As key funders in the Netherlands, NWO and ZonMw’s support is crucial to propelling software sustainability.  

The declaration was initially drafted during the International Funders Workshop: The Future of Research Software organized by the Research Software Alliance (ReSA) and Netherlands eScience Center in November 2022. Version 1.0 of the declaration was announced in September 2023 alongside its accompanying toolkit, a resource for funders to support the declaration’s implementation. Since then, multiple international organizations have signed and expressed their support for the declaration, including the Australian Research Data Commons and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.  

The next international Research Software Funders Workshop will take place in Sweden in September 2024, organized by The SciLifeLab Data Centre and ReSA. The workshop will focus on developing a monitoring framework for the Amsterdam Declaration to benchmark how funders are currently supporting the sustainability of research software. 

To learn more and/or support the ADORE declaration, please visit adore.software

Who are we?  

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