Open ODISSEI eScience Call 2021

Empowering researchers in the social sciences through digital technology (Closed for submission)

This call is now closed.

ODISSEI and the Netherlands eScience Center invite researchers whose main area of expertise is in the Social Sciences to submit a proposal in this call, and also those working at an ODISSEI member organization.

Purpose of this call 

This call for proposals supports researchers in the social sciences who expect to benefit from the application or development of digital technologies and research software, but who need additional expertise in applying these methods. 

A competitive proposal should:

  • address a challenging research problem in the social sciences;
  • make clear why digital technologies or improved research software is required to solve the stated research problem;
  • explain how the research software developed in the envisaged project strengthens, and connects to, other research performed in the ODISSEI community.

Applicants submitting a proposal must have appointment at an organization which is a member of ODISSEI. This call follows a lightweight assessment procedure without the possibility of appeal.


ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) is the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands. ODISSEI brings together researchers with the necessary data, expertise and resources to conduct ground-breaking research and embrace the computational turn in social enquiry.

Through ODISSEI, researchers have access to large-scale, longitudinal data collections as well as innovative and diverse new forms of data. These can be linked to administrative data at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Combining data from a wide range of sources enables researchers to answer new, exciting, interdisciplinary research questions and to investigate existing questions in novel ways.

Who can apply

Proposals can be submitted by researchers with an appointment at an ODISSEI member organisation. A list of eligible institutions is available here. Note: Employees of the Netherlands eScience Center cannot apply.

Each proposal is to be formally submitted by a single named researcher (henceforth the ‘lead applicant’ or LA). The LA will act as primary contact for the eScience Center. 

The LA must furthermore:

  • be in possession of a PhD
  • hold a contract at the ODISSEI member organisation for at least the duration of the requested project

The activities of the lead applicant should be integral to the proposed work plan. The LA may submit only one proposal in that capacity in this call.

What can be applied for

A project may request an in-kind budget of 3 person months (PMs). The project duration will be between 3 and 6 months.

The method of working is collaborative. Research teams includes both applicants and RSEs. The RSEs will offer advice and support during the duration of the project to help achieve the desired results. This includes:

  • initial brainstorming on suitable technologies
  • advice on designing experiments and formulating research questions
  • technical implementation and testing
  • help with interpreting the results
  • contribution to the digital methodology component in a research paper.

Each project envisages the following deliverables (potentially after finishing the project):

  • publication of a research paper and
  • a blog post or white paper and
  • software or code release

Both RSEs and research team members should be available for the submission / review process of the research paper after completion of the project itself. Both RSEs and research team members should be mentioned as co-authors of each of the three deliverables.

When and how to apply

The deadline for submission of the project proposition is: 
Friday 30 July 2021, 14:00 CEST

Submit the proposal (in the PDF format) here. See Download section for the application template.

Information Event

To inform interested applicants of the specific aims of this call for proposals, the roles and expertise of ODISSEI and the eScience Center, and examples of eScince Social science projects, an online information event has been organized on 10 June 2021 (14.00-16.00). Missed it? Watch the recording of our presentations.


Email the ODISSEI SoDa team to discuss your project ideas and look at the data related to the proposal.

We encourage applicants to register for an individual free one-hour consultancy meeting using this form

This meeting is with an eScience Center expert and an ODISSEI SoDa team member. We can discuss the research questions, suitable technological solutions, the viability of the approach, and the match with the eScience Center expertise. Please indicate, in the registration form, the discussion topic(s) so that we can connect you with the best suited RSEs.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding your project proposal, please send an email to ODISSEI or the eScience Center.


Application Pack