Passionate curiosity and collaboration: Sarah’s story

"The eScience Center is an inspiring and friendly working environment where people with different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences love to share knowledge, discuss topics and genuinely care about each other."

Sarah’s strong suits are critical thinking and problem-solving; great skills for developing software applications for complex problems.

I was born in the big and historical city of Isfahan, but raised in the capital city Tehran. In 2014, I moved to the Netherlands. During my master’s studies in Remote Sensing, I developed skills related to data fusion and data analysis. My research interests are applications of Remote Sensing on real-world problems involving the interaction between weather, land, and water.  

My passionate curiosity for learning helped me receive my Ph.D in two research themes: water cycle and climate, and acquisition and quality of geospatial information. My strong suits are critical thinking and passionate problem-solving. This helps me in developing software applications for complex problems. Also, I absolutely love to collaborate with experts from different communities. One of my guilty pleasures are ‘all you can eat’ buffets. Nothing beats the joy of serving yourself an immense variety of meals. 

“The eScience Center is an inspiring and friendly working environment where people share knowledge and genuinely care about each other.”

I am involved in several activities: I contribute to environment and sustainability projects, I am a scrum master and I also lead the analytics special interest group that focuses on sharing knowledge in statistics and mathematics. Furthermore, I am a member of the eScience Academy that organizes our training activities.  

The eScience Center is an inspiring and friendly working environment where people with different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences love to share knowledge, discuss topics and genuinely care about each other. A place where people have the opportunity to continuously learn and develop themselves. Our diversity is inspired and cherished. I would like to encourage expats, immigrants and especially female engineers to join us. In that way we can all benefit from different points of view and approaches that are the result from distinct life experiences.” 

– Dr. Fakhereh (Sarah) Alidoost, Research Software Engineer