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Dr. Adithya Vijaykumar

eScience Research Engineer

Profile summary

Adithya is a computational scientist at heart. He graduated from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen, Germany and KTH, Stockholm with a Dual Masters degree in computational engineering and scientific computing with a specialization in CFD. During his masters course he developed massively parallel programs and GPU parallel programs to simulate fluid using grid based and particle based simulation techniques.

During his PhD at AMOLF and University of Amsterdam, he developed a new computational technique called MD-GFRD to simulate reaction-diffusion systems. MD-GFRD combines Green’s Function Reaction Dynamics (GFRD) for simulating the system at the mesoscopic level where the particles are far apart, with a microscopic technique such as Molecular Dynamics (MD) for simulating the system at the microscopic scale where they are close together. This scheme describes for the first time how a microscopic technique can be seamlessly integrated with a mesoscopic technique, thus setting up a true multi-scale scheme that can achieve the same microscopic resolution as that of a purely microscopic technique, yet is orders of magnitude faster when the concentrations are low.

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