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Dr. Pablo Lopez-Tarifa

eScience Research Engineer

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Pablo Lopez-Tarifa obtained his PhD degree in Theoretical Chemistry in a collaboration between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universitéd’Evryvald’Essonne (Paris, France). In his thesis, he pursued the simulation of ultrafast reactions occurring in ion-collision experiments via TDDFT simulations. In 2011, he joined the Laboratory of Computational Chemistry at the EPFL (Switzerland) where he developed theoretical methodology to describe excited state dynamics of systems under the presence of extreme intense short pulses. In 2015, he joined the departments of Theoretical Chemistry and Biophysics at the Vrije Universiteit as a part of Solardam consortium, where he used the eScience Python library QMflows to automatize quantum chemistry calculations designed to study the light absorption of natural chromophores. In 2017, he was hired by Spanish Research Council (CSIC) to work in close collaboration with Simune Atomistic Co., improving and expanding the applicability of parallel codes for material science research.

In 2019, Pablo joined the Netherlands eScience Center as an eScience engineer.

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