Efficient and robust open-source modelling platform for Energy Transition applications

Subsurface reservoirs are used for various applications that are part of the energy transition towards zero-carbon energy sources. They can serve as a direct source of energy (geothermal production), cyclic energy storage required by renewable energy production technologies (sun and wind), and storage of “energy waste” (carbon dioxide sequestration). Making optimal use of subsurface reservoirs is a great challenge for both academia and society.  

What are we trying to achieve and how? 

In this research project, we will develop a numerical framework capable of modelling and optimizing energy transition applications relevant to subsurface reservoirs. The software will allow for accurate prediction of the effects of the subsurface use and assessment of techno-economical risks (e.g., induced seismicity) for applications relevant to the energy transition. The results of this project can be directly used for more efficient energy production, risk assessment in energy transition applications, and various legislative initiatives. 

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