The robot or the brain? Building a classifier for visual news frames of Artificial Intelligence

In media images, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications such as virtual assistants are often portrayed as brains or human-like robots. News media influence how readers think about these rapidly evolving technologies by putting them in a specific light through visual framing. Images grasp readers’ attention, are imprinted in their memories and speak to their emotions. Therefore, the way news media visually frame AI matters for how people think and talk about it, and whether they may ultimately accept advanced technologies.

What are we trying to achieve and how?  

This project aims to describe the frames news media use to visualize AI, also across cultures.

To do so, it will develop a custom trained news image classifier trained and validated on public online image databases. Finally, the news image classifier will analyse AI news images across the NL, USA and UK to describe the visual framing of AI and explore the differences between them.

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