Research Software Directory

We believe that open and reusable research software is just as crucial to today’s academic research as are open access publications and open data.

To promote the visibility, impact and reuse of research software, the Netherlands eScience Center has developed the Research Software Directory, a content management system tailored to software.

The Research Software Directory:

  • Facilitates researchers to find and quickly judge the relevance and quality of research software
  • Encourages research software engineers to make their research software findable and accessible, ensuring recognition of their work
  • Facilitates research institutes to showcase the software produced by their organization and monitor its reuse and impact
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Software in context

All software in the Research Software Directory is presented within its research context. The system harvests information from sources such as GitHub, Zenodo and Zotero, and presents the software with its associated data, projects, scientific papers and other publications. The pages also show the social context – who the developers are, how active the development is, and any linked tutorials, blog posts, or videos.

Open source

The Netherlands eScience Center already uses a prototype of the Research Software Directory to show our own software packages and tools, accessible via The system is open source. We are currently in the process of developing the Research Software Directory as-a-service, which we can offer to Dutch research organizations.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in using the Research Software Directory for the software output of your own organization, or you have any other questions or comments about this service, please get in touch with us at 

Research Software Directory Team

Dr. Jason Maassen
Technology Lead, Computing
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Dr. Maaike de Jong
Scientific Community Manager and Project Lead
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
Research Software Engineer
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Dusan Mijatovic
Senior Front-end Developer
Dr. Ewan Cahen
Back-end Developer