Research Software Engineer

Aron Jansen

Aron obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Utrecht University in 2018, and went on to do a postdoc at the University of Barcelona. His research was on black holes, partially in five dimensions, where they can be related to fluids through holography, and partially in our familiar four dimensions. This involved a lot of numerics: from linear perturbations of black holes for which he wrote a package to compute them, to nonlinear time evolutions out of equilibrium black holes. Some projects also had an analytical component, with heavy use of Mathematica to transform various forms of the Einstein equations into a more manageable form.

Along the way he developed a fascination for machine learning and looked for ways to apply it to scientific research, which he found by joining the Netherlands eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer in January 2021.

Key skills:

  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Numerics
  • Programming Languages: Python, Mathematica