Carmen Byrne Salsas

Carmen completed her bachelor’s in Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin. During her final years, she specialised in statistics where she found her passion for the application of data science to the medical field. She is currently following a master program in Medical Informatics, and a second master program in Data Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Carmen is completing her Medical Informatics master thesis at the Netherlands eScience Center where she is developing a deep learning model aimed at improving the screening process of Brugada Syndrome – a potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmia.

Carmen has worked on several research internships. She performed the statistical analysis of renal vasculitis biomarker values in and out of flare periods. She contributed to the addition of expert knowledge nodes to a Bayesian Network aimed at predicting drug-related falls. She has also been involved in the external validation of prediction models for Acute Kidney Injury in the Intensive Care Unit. After graduating, Carmen aspires to continue to contribute to the medical field by developing machine learning models for the prediction and management of chronic diseases.

Key Skills:

  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Analysis of Medical Data