Research Software Engineer

Claire Donnelly

Claire has a PhD in Glaciology from the University of Bristol, where she focused on modelling the Northern Patagonian Icefield using the ice sheet model BISICLES. She used mass conservation methods to derive ice thickness and used this to investigate piedmont lobe collapse in Patagonia and whether current glacier thinning rates there could be partially explained. During her PhD, she also worked part-time as a data scientist, assessing maritime risks and detecting suspicious vessel activity. 

She moved to the Netherlands in 2021 to work as a research scientist at KNMI, working on coupling the Antarctic ice sheet into the Earth System Model EC-Earth. In November 2023, she joined the eScience Center to work on geospatial data in the Environment and Sustainability section, where she has also developed an interest in machine learning.

Key skills:

  • Earth System Modelling
  • Geospatial Data
  • Python