Research Software Engineer

Dani Bodor

Dani is a cell biologist by training and spent about 15 years as an academic on quantitative cell biology and biophysics.

He did his PhD work at the Gulbenkian Science Center outside Lisbon, studying cell division and epigenetics. One key discovery he made was to determine the molecular copy number of a key protein at the centromere, responsible for accurate cell division. For this, he developed algorithms to automatically detect, and measure diffraction limited fluorescent signals from microscopy images.

In 2015, Dani started a postdoc at University College London on the biomechanics of confined cell migration. Here he developed microfabricated environments, microscopy protocols, and data analysis workflows, allowing him to quantify cell behavior in confinement.

In 2019, he started a second postdoc and at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, working once again on cell division, this time on chromosome segregation. he was heavily involved in microscopy data analysis for various ongoing projects and developed, among other things, pipelines for visualizing 4-dimensional (3D+time) microscopy data and for scoring phenotypes from microscopy images.

Dani joined the eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer in September 2022, working in the Life Sciences section.

Key skills:

  • Cell Biology & Biophysics
  • Image analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Python