Ben van Werkhoven did his BSc in Computer Science and a research masters in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems at the VU University Amsterdam. The focus of his PhD research was developing programming models and performance models for the efficiently using Graphics Processing Units within Supercomputing applications.

Ben’s main research interests involve increasing application performance with the use of Graphics Processing Units and increasing our understanding of the performance behavior of large GPU applications.

Within the Netherlands eScience Center Ben was involved in the following projects:

  • eSALSA
  • A Jungle Computing Approach to Large Scale Online Forensic Analysis project
  • Real-time detection of neutrinos from the distant Universe

In most of the projects Ben works on, he is responsible for accelerating scientific applications targeting GPUs and GPU-clusters.

Ben is also the creator of the Kernel Tuner, a simple tool for testing and auto-tuning CUDA, OpenCL, and C kernels from Python.

Key skills

  • High-Performance & Distributed Computing
  • GPU Computing
  • Image Processing
  • Climate Modeling

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