Gijs van den Oord studied theoretical physics and mathematics at Utrecht University. In his master thesis, he investigated the relation between super-membranes and matrix models in string theory. After that he started a PhD in particle phenomenology at the Radboud University and Nikhef, where he developed expertise in high-performance computing, numerical simulation and the Monte Carlo method. With his C++ code he was able to simulate weak boson scattering in Higgsless models at the Large Hadron Collider. 

After his graduation, Gijs has worked as a consultant in scientific software development. He has helped creating the DeltaShell framework at Deltares, embedding hydrological computational codes into object-oriented wrappers to facilitate visualization and coupling. Here he has also contributed to D-Flow Flexible Mesh, a shallow-water equation solver on unstructured grids. 

Recently Gijs has started working on Primavera, a project with KNMI to study the EC-Earth climate model at high resolution, and a project with CWI and KNMI that aims to couple cloud-resolving large-eddy simulations to global atmospheric climate codes.

Key skills

  • High-Performance & Distributed Computing
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Numerics
  • Physics

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