Hanno graduated in astronomy on the search and detection of low frequency radio transients with LOFAR. This involved the development of (Python) code for source extraction in radio maps. 

Prior to his defence he was a postdoc at the Dutch National Weather Institute (K.N.M.I.) where he analyzed trends in over a century of Dutch precipitation data. After that, he returned to his Ph.D. supervisor to write documentation for his LOFAR source extraction software. Subsequently, Hanno worked for 4½ years at the radiotherapy department of the Dutch National Cancer Institute (N.K.I) to develop software for real time 3D dose reconstruction from portal images. This software will be used for quality assurance and as a ‘safety net’ for patients.

Hanno joined the NLeSC in 2015.

Key skills

  • Python
  • Cython
  • Parallel Computing
  • Optimized Code
  • Real-Time Processing

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