Section Head, Environment & Sustainability

Dr. Yifat Dzigan

Yifat has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Ben-Gurion university (Israel) and a master’s in Physics from Tel-Aviv University, studying gravitational lensing in galaxy clusters. She received her PhD in Planetary Science, also from Tel-Aviv University, where she focused on studying detection methods for transiting extra-solar planets. In the course of her research, she became interested in statistics and algorithms and developed innovative methods for predictive modelling. These methods can be used to increase the yield of transiting planets from low-cadence surveys.

After moving to the Netherlands, Yifat continued to a Postdoc position at the exoplanets group in the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam, where she worked on statistical analysis of planetary atmospheres. Aside from planets, she is also interested in machine learning, Bayesian inference, and algorithms.

Yifat joined the Netherlands eScience Center in summer 2017 and is currently the Section Head for Environment & Sustainability.

Key skills

  • Statistical Modelling
  • Machine Learning
  • Astronomy and Planetary Science