Coordinator Training Programme

Dr. Fenne Riemslagh

Fenne Riemslagh has a background in biomedical sciences and received her PhD at the department of Clinical Genetics at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam in 2019. Fenne’s research focused on molecular mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative disorders ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and FTD (frontotemporal dementia). During her PhD, she had the opportunity to supervise several students’ projects and got her certificate of the 1st half of the BKO teaching qualification. For Fenne’s postdoc, she moved to Denver, Colorado, USA, to study cardiovascular diseases. She had a wonderful time hiking in the mountains of Colorado together with her husband. Fenne is also a board game enthusiast and cat lover.

After moving back to the Netherlands, Fenne realized that the aspects of the job that she really loves are teaching, presenting, collaborating with other scientists, sharing expertise, and having open discussions. She is therefore happy to join the training team as a Coordinator Training Programme at the Netherlands eScience Center to coordinate and develop digital skill workshops.

Key Skills

  • Teaching
  • Presenting
  • Collaborating