Research Software Engineer

Héctor Cadavid, Msc. 

Héctor has a Master’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from the University Nacional de Colombia (UNAL). He has been a faculty member of the University Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería (ECI) since 2003. From this position, in addition to his teaching activities in the area of Software Engineering, he has participated in software-oriented applied research projects covering a wide variety of domains and disciplines including robotics, health, agriculture, and aerospace, among others. These projects involved cooperation with multiple research groups, including GIMECI, ECITRONICA, CTG-Informática, and NASA – LFM (Langley Formal Methods).

In 2018 he joined, as a Ph.D. student, the SEARCH (Software Engineering and Architecture Research) group at the University of Groningen, in The Netherlands, to conduct empirical research in the architecting process of Systems-of-Systems (with large-scale radio-astronomy instruments as the main case subject).  In 2022, after completing his dissertation (which he expects to defend soon to get his Ph.D. degree), he joined the eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer to work in the Life Sciences area.

Key skills:

  • Embedded Software
  • Empirical software engineering
  • Research software engineering
  • OOP + multiple programming languages
  • Software Architecture