Senior Research Software Engineer

Inti Pelupessy

Inti has a background in astrophysics and has published on topics reaching from numerical cosmology, galaxy dynamics, stellar cluster formation to the evolution of planetary systems.

He obtained his PhD from Leiden University. After his PhD, Inti did a postdoc at CMU in Pittsburgh on cosmological structure formation. After returning from the US, he joined the development of the Astrophysical Multi-Purpose Software Environment (AMUSE). He developed this research grade software package to facilitate coupled multi-physics and multi-scale numerical simulations. AMUSE is used by students and researchers worldwide to formulate and conduct numerical experiments in astrophysics.

His interest in the development of efficient and easy to use methods for coupled simulations led him to head a cross-disciplinary effort to transplant the technology developed as part of the AMUSE project to the oceanographic and climate science domains. This effort, funded by the Netherlands eScience Center, resulted in the development of the Oceanographic Multipurpose Software Environment (OMUSE) coupling framework.

Inti’s main expertise lies in the field of scientific computing, with extensive knowledge about parallel HPC methods, distributed computing and numerical simulation methods.

Key skills

  • Scientific computing
  • Parallel & distributed HPC methods
  • Numerical modelling
  • Python/C/Fortran