Research Software Engineer

Maarten van Meersbergen, MSc

Maarten studied Computer Science at the VU University (VU) in Amsterdam, where he specialized in Multimedia Applications. His master’s thesis focused on visualization of the inner workings of the Ibis Complex HPC framework. During his studies, Maarten worked in IT support at the Faculty of Science at the VU for six years, helping researchers to use the faculty’s computing services to their full extent. During this time, he also engaged in some early eScience by parallelizing his code to verify a Math algorithm on a large scale.

After graduation, Maarten was employed by the VU as a Scientific Programmer to continue his work in visualization. His work was used to promote the Ibis eScience framework and a sample application in Astrophysics at the Supercomputing Conference in Seattle in 2011. He also played a major role in the overhaul of the Computer Graphics course at the VU, by introducing a framework for OpenGL 3+ and GLSL shader programming.

Today, Maarten is employed by the Netherlands eScience Center as a core team Research Software Engineer, where he also focuses on visualization.

Key skills

  • Scientific Visualization
  • 3D Graphics
  • OpenGL
  • Java