Research Software Engineer

Malte Lüken, MSc

Malte completed the Research Master’s Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in research methods and applied statistics. His research projects focused on computational models of decision-making and eye-tracking. During his master’s, he also contributed to the open-source software JASP which offers user-friendly statistical analyses in the classic and Bayesian framework. For JASP, he developed new data visualization methods and a module for flexible time series forecasting.

In general, Malte is interested in computational social science, Bayesian statistics and data visualization. He is experienced in writing, evaluating and optimizing computational models in the domain of social sciences.

In February 2022, Malte joined the Netherlands eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer, where his work focuses on natural language processing.

Key skills:

  • Applied statistics
  • Computational modeling
  • Machine learning
  • R