Technology Lead, Software Quality

Patrick Bos

Patrick studied astronomy and philosophy and has a PhD in cosmology from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen. Patrick has worked on theoretical and observational problems in cosmology and extragalactic astronomy, and has always taken a strongly computational approach.

As an undergrad, he used automated galaxy detection codes and the Astro-WISE database, and later on focused on N-body simulations and structural analysis/visualization thereof. During his PhD, Patrick developed a Bayesian framework for inverting gravity to regain the (ensemble of possible) initial conditions of the universe.

Patrick joined the Netherlands eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer in August 2014. He has since worked mostly on Digital Humanities and Physics projects where he gained experience with data mining, unstructured and heterogeneous databases, natural language processing, machine learning, high performance optimization and parallelization.

In October 2022, Patrick took on the role of Technology Lead for Software Quality.

Key skills