Senior Research Software Engineer

Sonja Georgievska

Sonja’s focus is on the application of deep learning and machine learning to scientific data. She joined the Netherlands eScience Center in 2015 and is currently involved in projects on molecular biology, in particular cancer genomics and protein structures. Previously, she worked on large crowd analytics using wireless sensor data and on machine learning for digital forensics using camera sensor data.

Sonja obtained her PhD in Theoretical Computer Science on formal methods for concurrent probabilistic models (graphs) at Eindhoven University of Technology and has a master’s in Informatics on stochastic modeling applied to Internet traffic data. Her background is in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Following her PhD, Sonja spent three years working as a senior analytics developer at a company in Amsterdam. During her master’s studies in Macedonia, she was a teaching/grading assistant, teaching math and computer science courses to more than one thousand university students in six years.

At the Netherlands eScience Center, Sonja leads the special interest group in Machine Learning.

Key skills

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Probabilistic models
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics