Senior Research Software Engineer

Stef Smeets

Stef studied Chemistry at Utrecht University (bachelor’s and master’s). In 2011 he moved to Switzerland where he obtained a PhD in Materials Science at ETH Zurich. His PhD research focused on developing computational methods to find the atomic structure of industrial catalysts using X-ray diffraction.

Following an interest in electron microscopy and programming, he moved to Sweden in 2016. On a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, he developed software to automate the collection and analysis of electron diffraction data of microcrystals at Stockholm University. Beginning of 2019, Stef moved back to the Netherlands as a Kavli postdoctoral fellow at TU Delft to further develop the software and apply to biological compounds.

Stef joined the Netherlands eScience Center as a Senior Research Software Engineer in summer 2020.

Key skills

  • Materials science
  • Image processing
  • Data analysis
  • Python