Research Software Engineer

Vedran Kasalica

Vedran has background in Computer Science and a strong affinity towards applying theoretical principles to solve reoccurring scientific problems. 

He has a master’s degree in Computational Logic (as part of the EMCL Erasmus Plus program), and a PhD in Automated Reasoning from Utrecht University. During his PhD he focused on developing a framework that aids researchers in the automated composition of scientific workflows. He collaborated with scientists from life and geosciences to develop an adequate framework that fits their domains. As a result, he developed APE (Automated Pipeline Explorer), a java library for automated workflow composition. Thecomposition uses available domain data (e.g., EDAM ontology and in life sciences) and composes workflows in CWL format.

In parallel with his master’s degree, Vedran initiated a startup and developed a mobile audio guide for tourists in his hometown Kotor, Montenegro. He also worked as a Java and Database Developer, where he was in charge of developing digital archiving systems. 

Vedran joined the Netherlands eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer in September 2022. He currently works on automated workflow composition and benchmarking in Proteomics, as well as big data processing.

His interests are Knowledge Representation (e.g., Ontologies) and Reasoning, Workflow Design Processes, Data Modeling and Constraint Solving.

Key skills:

  • Java
  • Ontologies and Reasoning
  • SAT/SMT solving
  • Workflow Design Processes