Point Clouds

The NLeSC has been involved in a few projects related to Point Clouds, i.e. data from scanned surfaces. This type of data is becoming more popular and used, not only as input for the generation of other type of data but also directly in its original form, for example in stunning web visualizations.

Point Clouds scans of cities, countries or even archaeological sites or forests are already available and their management, processing and visualization pose interesting challenges in which we are developing our expertise.

In “Massive Point Clouds for eSciences” we use the main existing Point Cloud management systems and we help their developers in improving their solutions. In addition the web visualization of such data has been also explored, huge Point Clouds like the AHN2 are publicly available on the web. In “Mapping the Via Appia in 3D” the Point Clouds are integrated with other types of data in a ground-breaking GIS for archeology. In “Big Data Analytics in the Geo-Spatial Domain” the support of Point Clouds in the column-store MonetDB was implemented.

Related projects

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