Expertise: Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks

One specific area of optimized data handling that NLeSC is developing expert knowledge in is the management and analysis of sensor network systems.

Around us is an increasingly complex set of ever more sophisticated, in many cases distributed, sensor networks monitoring any number of dynamic processes. Sensor networks are used to monitor climate conditions, traffic flow, human physiology and health, emergency detection (fires etc), structural health of buildings, vehicle telemetry and machine process management.

At the same time, novel scientific instruments also generate increasingly large sensor data streams. The science to manage and analyse sensor networks is dependent on disciplines such as wireless communications, protocols, signal processing, embedded systems, streameddata analysis, distributed algorithms, and data management.

In projects such as eAstronomy, “Summer in the City” and “Beyond the Big Data Explosion” NLeSC is developing expertise and software to tackle the challenges of sensor network systems.

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