AMUSE is a software framework created by and for astrophysicists to be able to quickly and easily build state-of-the-art astrophysical simulations.

AMUSE uses Python to interface with existing numerical codes to provide consistent object-oriented interfaces, handle unit conversions, manage the state of the underlying simulation, and provide transparent distributed computing. Instead of wrestling with compilers, code, and numerics, AMUSE allows you to quickly get into the physics of your simulation.

As part of the ABC-MUSE project we aim to generalize the AMUSE framework to other scientific domains, including Climate Modeling. Similar to astrophysical simulations that couple different physical domains like stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, hydrodynamics and radiative transfer; coupled climate simulations consist of separate simulations of atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, and land. As a first step, we apply and extend the AMUSE framework to interface and couple a number of Ocean Modeling simulations.

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