Training Materials

Digital Skills Workshops are based on tried and tested high-quality materials from Software and Data Carpentry and Code Refinery as well as materials developed at the Center. All materials are collaboratively developed with the research community and are openly available. 

Lessons by the eScience Center

The Netherlands eScience Center actively develops new lessons in the areas of its expertise. Example topics covered are Parallel Programming in Python, GPU Programming and Deep Learning.

Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry lessons introduce basic lab skills for research computing. They cover three core topics: the Unix shell, version control with Git, and a programming language (Python or R). 

Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry lessons focus on foundational skills needed to work effectively and reproducibly with data and code. They are domain-specific, teaching researchers the skills most relevant to their domain and using examples from their type of work. There are several types of data carpentry workshops for which the curriculum is organized by domain. 

Code Refinery

Code Refinery lessons aim to boost researchers’ good software practices and to consolidate knowledge from Carpentries  (Software, Data and Library Carpentry) workshops or prior experience. The focus is on tools for efficiently developing and maintaining research software.