Compute power keeps on growing exponentially, and we’re putting developments front and centre of what we do. 

The computers on our desks and in our labs are becoming ever more powerful. They now have multiple compute cores that work in parallel to solve problems. Graphics cards, originally used for computer games, can work in harmony to accelerate processing and AI to incredible levels. In the near future, supercomputers will even reach the ‘exascale’ — that’s a lot of operations per second — and exabytes of storage. Quantum computing is also visible on the horizon. These leaps will make applications faster and more scalable. 

Researchers will be able to access resources that used to be beyond their reach, sometimes increasing performance by a factor of one thousand – or more. And as these and other developments take place, computing and storage resources, and power-efficient algorithms will be vital. 

These advances will be central to the eScience Center in the coming years. In particular, we’re focussing on exploiting accelerated hardware, high-performance computing, combining large and complex simulations, and easy deployment of applications from your laptop to clouds and supercomputers. 

The future looks fantastic – and fast.

Get a glimpse of the future with our AMUSE and OMUSE projects; tools we co-created to combine simulation codes for physicists.