Data processing

Data is a wonderful thing, but it only comes to life when it’s turned into useable information. Our systems, organizations and lives today produce an increasingly large amount of data. So much so, that it’s difficult for researchers to process – and this is where data should come alive. In the coming years, it will be important to go beyond linking data as a means of working with it. 

We need also to think about how we’ll enable the meaningful interpretation of data. One promising approach is ‘compute to data,’ where data stays on provider servers rather than being transferred externally. This brings with it many advantages from performance and energy efficiency to privacy and integrating systems, but there is still much work to be done. 

The eScience Center is set to address these and other data challenges. Our particular focus is on data assimilation and integration, databases, handling sensor data, linked data and semantics, and real-time data analysis.

Big data is a big deal, and we’re ready for the challenge.

For more about how we made the popular Earth System Model eValuation Tool faster, smarter and more robust by applying our data processing and software expertise.