Research Software Engineer

Bart Schilperoort

Bart studied Civil Engineering and Watermanagement, and has a PhD in Hydrology from Delft University of Technology. During his PhD he focused on the measurement of evaporation and heat fluxes in forests using Distributed Temperature Sensing. As this technique produces many gigabytes of (raw) measurement data per day, both the analysis and calibration of the measurement data required extensive use of Python. As a result of this, he published the ‘dtscalibration’ python package together with his colleague Bas des Tombe. As a Postdoc he managed fieldwork and data collection to study the prevention of fruit crop loss due to frost, as part of the “FruitFrost” project.

Driven by his previous experiences in collaborative programming, and a general interest in computer science, Bart joined the Netherlands eScience Center as a Research Software Engineer in the Environment & Sustainability Section in June 2022.

Key skills:

  • Hydrology
  • (Micro)meteorology
  • Python
  • Scientific data analysis