Calls for proposals


The eScience Center receives an annual budget from NWO and SURF, the majority of which is provided to Dutch academics as subsidy in the form of cash and the in kind provision of Research Software Engineers. The awarding of both cash and expertise makes the eScience Center unique, balancing the role of both funder and collaborator.

Any aspect of eScience and the utilization of e-infrastructure to address a scientific challenge are potentially fundable.

About our project funding

Collaborations between academic partners and the eScience Center will be based primarily on a long-term consistent programme of calls. All funded projects should address a pressing scientific problem and capable of delivering innovative reusable eScience to the nation’s e-infrastructure and beyond.

Our collaborative projects should have the potential to deliver scientific excellence in terms of scientific breakthroughs and in the realization of new eScience methodologies or integration of existing methodologies. We aim for high scientific standards and will contribute to scientific publications in high-impact scientific journals and conferences through collaboration with domain scientists and development of our core technologies.

Funded projects are supported to the value of €500K (combined cash and in kind provision of Research Software Engineers) and result from annual peer-reviewed project calls.

Relevant documentation

Below you can find the Intellectual Property policy and ‘Bijzondere voorwaarden’ (Terms and conditions) for Netherlands eScience Center projects.

Annual Young eScientist Award

Each year we award an eScience prize to a young researcher seeking to develop or apply an eScience approach to his or her research. The proposal will be judged on the novelty of the idea, the candidate’s track record and the open-science character of the proposal.

Eligible candidates must be employed at a Dutch research performing organisation (university or research institute recognized by NWO or KNAW), and have received a PhD degree less than six years before the deadline of this call.

Do you want to read about previous Young eScientists of the Year? Click here for the winners from 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Who can apply for our open calls?

In most cases, any researcher or research teams employed at a Dutch university or NWO- / KNAW-institute may apply for eScience Center funding as main applicant or as co-applicant. Some exceptions may exist and we therefore refer you to the individual details of each call.

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