Advisory Committee Member

Carole Goble

Carole Goble, CBE, FREng, FBCS, is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Manchester where she leads a team of researchers, research software engineers and data stewards. She has spent 25 years working in eScience on computational workflows, reproducible science, open sharing, and knowledge and metadata management in a range of disciplines and is one of the founders of the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute. She has led numerous national and European e-Infrastructure projects and is currently the Head of Node of ELIXIR-UK, the national node of the European Research Infrastructure for Life Sciences (ELIXIR) and directs digital infrastructure for the European Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology (IBISBA). She is also leading workflow infrastructure developments for the EOSC-Life Cluster and Natural History collection digitization. 

An early pioneer of computational workflows and the FAIR sharing of research objects, she has led the development of several widely known resources including the Taverna workflow management system; WorkflowHub and myExperiment for sharing workflows and the FAIRDOM-SEEK platform for sharing all manner of research products in bioscience. She is also leading developments for RO-Crates (Research Object Crates) a web-ready form of FAIR Digital Objects, and the adoption of for biosciences (Bioschemas).

Carole is an author of the seminal Nature paper proposing FAIR Principles for Scientific Data. She currently serves on the G7 Open Science Working Group as the UK expert rep, the EOSC Association Task Force for Semantic Interoperability and directs FAIR Computational Workflows for the Workflow Community Initiative.