Senior Research Software Engineer

Faruk Diblen

Faruk has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics and a master’s degree in Experimental Particle Physics. During his master’s, he worked for the CERN ATLAS TRT group and was involved in software development as well as detector R&D efforts. 

After completing his master’s, Faruk started his PhD at Ghent University and he has worked for the ENVISION project which aims to develop novel imaging systems for hadrontherapy. Faruk is completing his PhD at the Center for Advanced Radiation Technology (KVI-CART) at the University of Groningen. During his PhD, Faruk has also been involved in Monte Carlo simulations of proton therapy and related TOF-PET-imaging. He participated in experiments related to proton therapy at the cyclotron facility of KVI-CART. 

Key skills

  •  Monte Carlo simulations
  • Tomographic image reconstruction
  • Proton therapy and radiation detection technologies