Research Software Engineer

Jaro Camphuijsen

Jaro completed a Bachelor in Physics and Astronomy and a Master in Computational Science at the UvA. For his masters thesis he worked on the parameterization of fluid dynamics in atmospheric flow at the KNMI. He has a very broad scientific interest ranging from cell biology to plasma physics, and from modelling physical systems to machine learning and scientific visualization. In his work at the eScience center he enjoys sharing his knowledge and learning from other people the most. 

After working on the climate related projects eWaterCycle II, Magic and EUCP, Jaro now focusses on the In-Silico Meat project, using Agent Based and Computational Fluid Dynamics models to simulate cell biology and mechanical interactions in various bioreactors for cultivated meat (meat grown directly from stem cells) production. He is one of the founding and governing members of the Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium, a collaboration of companies, investors, academics and non-profits that aims to apply eScience to advance the development of cultivated meat. 

Key skills

  • Complex system modeling
  • Computational biology
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Teaching