Research Software Engineer

Simone Ciarella

Simone earned a PhD in physics from Eindhoven University of Technology, where he specialized in using computer simulations to study complex materials. In 2020, he joined the École Normale Supérieure of Paris as a PostDoc researcher, exploring the world of physics-inspired machine learning and generative AI.

From tiny biological materials to large everyday devices, Simone is intrigued by the complexity that surrounds us and the collective effects that originate from the microscopic scale to influence the macroscale. 
Simone’s research combines machine learning and numerical simulations to uncover hidden patterns and principles in this intricate world. His work contributes to advancements in both science and technology.

In 2023, Simone joined the Netherlands eScience Center, where he focuses on projects that bridge the gap between science and artificial intelligence. This new role allows him to continue exploring the exciting intersection of these two fields.

Generative AI

Molecular dynamics

Numerical simulations

Physics-inspired machine learning