Research Software Engineer

Dr. Stijn Heldens

Stijn obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science from VU University, with a specialization in High-Performance Computing. His master’s thesis focused on the performance and scalability of community detection, a type of graph analysis where the goal is to split the dataset into cohesive components. During his thesis, he several developed multi-core and many-core methods for graph processing.

Before joining the Netherlands eScience Center, he worked at Delft University of Technology and University Twente on various graph-processing research projects. 

His research interests lie in parallel algorithm design, large-scale distributed/parallel processing, and GPU programming.

On 6 March 2024, Stijn successfully defended his PhD on Parallel Programming Systems for Scalable Scientific Computing from the University of Amsterdam. Stijn is now a Research Software Engineer in the Natural Sciences & Engineering section.

Key skills

  • Parallel Algorithms
  • High-performance computing
  • Distributed computing
  • Many-core accelerators