Research Software Engineer

Suvayu Ali

Suvayu has two Master’s in Physics, on nonlinear dynamics and experimental particle physics. He has worked with the ATLAS and LHCb collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, where he spent his time searching for exotic new particles, and measuring the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter particles. 

Following which he moved on to work as a data scientist in the logistics and e-commerce industries in India, where he developed his intuition for working with data generated by real world organic processes (quite unlike physics data). For a short time, he also worked on data processing pipelines in Genomic research, and most recently, before joining the Netherlands eScience Center, he was working on open data formats and software tools to facilitate open and reproducible scientific research in the energy modelling community.

Suvayu is passionate about using technology to facilitate open science. Besides anything physics, he is interested in various programming languages, computer systems and architecture, impact of technology solutions on society, technology education and data privacy.

Suvayu joined the eScience Center in March 2022 as a research software engineer in the Natural Sciences & Engineering section.

Key skills:

  • Mathematical modelling, statistics
  • Python, C++
  • Particle physics
  • Software testing, workflow automation
  • Teaching