GPU Programming


2 Nov 2021


09:00 CET



Date end

3 Nov 2021

Time end

13:00 CET


In this workshop we will provide the learners with the fundamental knowledge that they need to start their journey into the world of programming GPUs. After a brief introduction to the specificities of GPUs, and how they differ from traditional processors, participants will experience various ways of using them with Python. They will get familiar with libraries such as CuPy and Numba to accelerate Python code, and have first-hand experience in writing small CUDA programs that can run directly on the GPU. More information can be found on the workshop website.

This workshop is aimed at graduate students and other researchers or research software engineers. You need basic skills in Python (and preferably NumPy), and the ability to read and understand C code, to participate in this workshop. Familiarity with high-performance computing concepts will be helpful but is not necessary.

This workshop is sold out.